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Huddle Rooms: The New Face & Pace of Collaboration

Almost gone are the times of booking the "big conference room" days in advance with the executive admin team. Now we use apps on our phones or keypads outside the conference room to put in our claim for specific meeting times. But as the office landscape keeps changing to a more collaborative environment, companies are investing in the design of smaller rooms equipped with video conferencing capabilities to handle day-to-day team get-togethers and those less formal or more impromptu meetings.

As part of this, video conference calls today are becoming the new standard for communication for managing projects and vendors as well as collaborating with team members, other branches and corporate partners. This shift easily saves companies thousands upon thousands of dollars in reduced travel time and costs, previously associated with face-to-face meetings. With video conferencing, all we need to do is walk into a huddle room, turn the system on and reach whoever we want to reach in a matter of minutes.

Video conferencing just makes sense – financially and otherwise. Think of that the next time you are sitting in your New York office on Monday morning and you find out you have to be in a 9AM meeting in Chicago the next day and haven’t thought about flights or hotel arrangements. However, to be as effective as that face to face meeting, it is critical that the video conferencing equipment is top-notch. Remember, this is not a job for face-time or an inferior audio system.

In addition to having quality equipment in place, an important feature for today’s huddle rooms is that they are “ever ready”, meaning that there is little, or no time needed for room preparation. Many companies now have only one main boardroom but offer several smaller meeting rooms that can sit 3 or 4 people, and are already equipped with a computer, a camera, and an LCD display. This allows these spaces to be ready at a moment’s notice, so they can serve as the communication platform you need, exactly when you need it.

Needless to say, the build out for these huddle rooms is much less expensive than compared to a 16-seat boardroom table with microphones placed at every 2nd seat (not to mention all the other audio processing equipment needed in these larger spaces). Since these huddle rooms are smaller, it is easier to capture the dialogue with good speech intelligibility, as they have practically no reverb. A single, omni-directional microphone is often sufficient to capture all three or four participants around the same table. Be sure to look for one with a low profile and you’ll have a meeting that truly hits everything on your agenda!

These “ever ready” huddle rooms foster effective collaboration while enabling meeting participants to talk freely, clearly and reach decisions quickly. This fits with most corporate cultures where the fast pace beat of the business means people want to “get in and get out”, accomplish their tasks quickly and get started on the next one.

For your convenience Clockaudio has several models of omni-directional microphones that will do just that very adequately. Check out our C0002E-RF and the C009E-RF, specifically designed for huddle rooms and offering the “clearly different” quality you have come to expect from Clockaudio!

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