Clockaudio Testimonials

Our clients say it best.

We are known in the industry for being a responsive manufacturer and one that can meet any challenge. Our ability to customize our products to meet the changing needs of our end users and the integrators that work with them, is just one of the reasons Clockaudio is clearly different. But don’t just take our word for it, here are testimonials from some of our satisfied clients and the professionals that worked with them.

“In the past we had successfully used several of the Clockaudio retractable mics in other locations. We chose Clockaudio for this project because of the client’s desire to focus on sound quality. We knew they could provide a higher end product, while maintaining a minimalistic footprint and simplified functionality for ease of muting and unmuting.”

Andrew Smith
Sales/Design Account Manager for Automation Arts
Project Reference: Downtown Milwaukee Financial Services Firm

“The Clockaudio C012 microphones are a game changer. We still have other meeting rooms where all the microphones are open, so if people have a cup of coffee by them you can hear them stirring (with) their spoon, or pouring water. But with Clockaudio’s microphones having individual touch switches you can control and easily see which microphones are open in this space.”

Michael Söding
Head of Automotive Aftermarket for the Schaeffler Group
Project Reference: Boardroom Design for Schaeffler Group Automotive Aftermarket, Langen, Germany

“It was crucial that we use optimized video conferencing technology to directly obtain information, without an intermediary. To our satisfaction, this (Clockaudio) technology, provided by prodyTel and installed by Franken Lehrmittel fully meets these requirements and has been well received by all parties.”

Volker Skrok
Graduate Mineralogist, Head of the Nuremberg fire department and Director of Disaster Response
Project Reference: Nuremberg Fire Station (Read the Case Study)

”I recommended the c303 mics to the sales team as Clockaudio is at the top of the game for mics and they are the best sounding mics to date.”

“We could not do what we do, deliver superior conferencing experiences for our customers without products like those from Clockaudio.”

Andrew Wilder
sparkAV – Site Lead, Sr. Technician and Audio Expert / Integrator
Project Reference: ole Majorly Indie (Read the Case Study)

“I truly appreciate the characteristics of Clockaudio’s technologies. In a space like this, there is just so much acoustic gain before you get feedback but by limiting the number of microphones on at one time, we were able to improve the gain in the space.”

“The Clockaudio microphones perform excellently.”

“We have also specified for this client Clockaudio’s C007 microphones in the ceiling of the client’s multi-function spaces. Since these rooms have no set layout, it was important that we provided microphone technologies that were dynamic and moved with the space.”

“…Clockaudio helped us meet our client’s challenge to accommodate an everchanging classroom.”

“They (Clockaudio) are a company that is driven to meet the needs of the integrator and installation market and they have always been very responsive.”

Thomas DePace
Engineering Manager for Advance Sound Company
Project Reference: Molloy College Nursing Center (Read the Case Study)

“We have worked with Clockaudio for a long time for our conference and board room designs. In addition to having a quality product, they are always very approachable, easy to work with and provide resourceful options and customization when we need this for our clients.”

The test of any relationship is when things don’t always go smoothly, at one point on one project we had a small issue with a preamp on the microphones. We had to install the mics the same week. Clockaudio addressed this and we were able to rotate the product in and out without missing a best with the client.

“Aesthetics were key and the low profile of the Clockaudio microphones provided a clean view of each student from the shoulders above and gave us the appropriate pick up off of the desk surface.”

David LaReau
Sr. Account Exec, HB Communications
Project Reference: IVY LEAGUE COLLEGE
July 2015

“Having good mics at the proper location and good sound reproduction and acoustics enables every meeting to become a fully transparent experience without experiencing any issues due to poor sound quality.”

Marc LaCroix
AV Integrator and Consultant, Marc Lacroix, Lacroix Audiovisual
Project Reference: Canadian Space Agency (Read the Case Study)

“This type of visual cue is really important to our team. It gives assurances to our team leaders and respected guests that join us in our meeting rooms that the system is functioning properly and makes them aware of the current status of the microphones. Clockaudio’s products provide a full ring to visually identify the microphone status. This gives our participants a sense of security about the privacy level of their conversations.”

Gregory Viger
Audio-Visual and Technical Communications Specialist for the Canadian Space Agency
Project Reference: Canadian Space Agency (Read the Case Study)

“For this project, good audio-quality was most important. We are very happy with the omnidirectional boundary microphones from Clockaudio as they are the perfect solution for monitoring and recording in these simulation rooms.“

Jan Otte
Marketing, Prodytel (Clockaudio Distributor)
Project Reference: Luxembourg Parliament (Read the Case Study)

“We checked all of the manufacturers. The problem lay in sourcing the gooseneck material which would be long enough and strong enough so that the mics would not droop. The only company which was able to supply us with what we needed was Clockaudio …”

“it was a pleasure to deal with the Clockaudio people. They had custom-made samples flown to us from the UK so we could test their size and rigidity. We were impressed by the sound quality of the mics, but we were really impressed by their great customer service.”

Jeffrey Lipp
President & Principal, Lipp A/V Design, Inc.
Project Reference: Technical University of Munich (Read the Case Study)

“Clockaudio’s moistureproof microphones were made of Delrin which is a very sturdy plastic, so the build quality of their C007 was excellent for our purposes for the habitat. In addition, because this product was originally designed for surveillance and recording in sensitive areas, it had an extremely low profile.”

Dick Trump
President of Triad AV
Project Reference: Iowa Primate Learning Sanctuary (Read the Case Study

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