CW 9000 (500-900 MHz)

UHF Multichannel full diversity radio Microphone system.

Not available in the US and Canada.

UHF Multichannel full diversity radio Microphone system.

  • UHF Multi Channel Radio Microphone System using phase locked loop (PLL) synthesised channels for precise and stable transmission / receiving frequencies. System comprises of 1 x CW9000T hand held radio Microphone, 1 x CW9000R Receiver.
Available fequency Subject to local regulations.

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CW 9000R
Frequncy Range 500 - 900MHz (According to local regulation)
Channel Frequencies 192 PLL selectable channels per frequency band
Frequency Stability +-0.005%
S/N Ratio > 100db
Audio Output Level - 12db
AF Output Impedance 600 Ohms
Output Terminations Balanced - 3 Pin XLR
Display LCD
Diplay Information Frequency; Receiver /a/B; Mute Status; Audio Level
Supply Power 12 V DC 500mA
Finish Black
Dimensions W 211mm (8.4") x H 40mm (1.5") x (D) 152mm (6")
Weight 1 Kg/35.4 oz
Accessories Audio link cable terminated each end with 6.3mm (1/42) jack plug
CW 9000T
FM Carrier UHF
Frequency Range 500-900MHz (Frequency Bands according to local regulations)
Channel Frequencies 192 PLL Pre selectable Channels per Band
RF Output 10mW
Frequency Stability +-0.005%
Frequency Deviation +-48KHz
S/N Ratio > 102dB
Dynamic Range > + 110dB
Microphone Dynamic (Condenser with optional Capsule)
Polar Patten Cardioid
Frequency Response 60Hz - 18 KHz
Impedance 400 Ohms
Sensitivity - 50dB @ 1KHz (0dB = 1VPa)
LCD Display Information Frequency, AF level and Battery status
Power 2 x AA batteries giving more then 10 hours use
Finish Soft touch Black
Dimensions (L) 255mm/10" x Head dia. 50mm/2.0" Body dia. 32mm/1.26"
Weight 362 gms/12.7 oz (Excl. batteries)

Attractive Presentation Case, Coloured Microphone End Covers for coding or identifying purpose and SA5 Microphone holder/stand adaptor included.

Interchangeable Cardioid Condenser microphone head CW 9000T-C optional extra.