CW 8001 (502-960 MHz)


UHF PLL Personal Wideband True Diversity System. System comprises of 1 x CW 8001 Belt pack portable transmitter, 1 x CW 8000R Receiver.

UHF PLL Personal Wideband True Diversity System. System comprises of 1 x CW 8000T hand held radio Microphone, 1 x CW 8000R Receiver.

  • UHF PLL True Diversity System renders 200 to 480 meters of operation distance.
  • Maximum 2400 to 3000 selectable frequencies across 60 - 75MHz.
  • Preset 12 groups each at maximum.
  • User programmable 6 groups each of 64 channel.
  • Free space scan function.
  • Patented obstacles-free RF Remoset function syncronizes a transmitter by pushing a button.
  • Adjustable squelch level.
  • LCX circuit design technology minimizes companding antenna installation.
  • Antenna boost power provided for various external antenna installation
  • CL 6 Condenser microphone included
Available fequency Subject to local regulations.

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CW 8000R
Frequncy Preparation PLL Synthesized Control
REMOSET Radio Frequency
Frequency Range 502-960MHz
S/N Ratio > 105db
Total disttortion rate 75MHz Wideband
THD < 0.6%@1KHz
Function display method LCD and LED
Function display content Channel, Group, Antenna A/B, Mute, AF/RF, Low battery, Device ID
Control method ON/OFF, Frequency (up/down), Available frequency scan, Volume, Jog dail, ID paring, REMOSET, Squelch level
Audio output level -12dB
Audio output impedance 600Ω
Mute method Pilot tone and noise mute
Output type 1 balanced XLR connector
Sensitivity 1 balanced ø6.3mm connector
Dimensions W 212mm (8.35") H 44mm (1.73") L 214mm (8.43")
CW 8001T
Frequency PLL Synthesized Control
Frequency Range 502 - 960MHz (Frequency Bands according to local regulations)
RF Output Selectable 10mW/50mW
Stability <±10KHz
Frequency Drift <±48KHz
LCD Frequency (up/down), Power indicator, Device ID
Control method Power switch, AF, Frequency (up/down), Lock-On, ID pairing
Spurious emissions <-50dBC
Frequency response 50-16,500Hz
Battery type Interchangeable
Battery 2xUM3,AA 1.5V, Batteries not included