USP 8000


Passive Antenna Splitter

The USP-8000 Passive Antenna Splitter/combiner is intended for use with wireless systems.

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Frequency Band 470-870 MHz
RF Carrier Frequency Range 10-1000 MHz
Impedance 50Ω
Isolation 20dB
Insertion Loss 2dB
Wiring Connections One BNC Antenna in and two BNC out or, Two BNC Antennas in and one BNC Out.
Supplied Accessories None
Finish Matt Black
Dimensions H 72.2mm (2.84") W 23.6mm (1.05" D 54.9mm (2.16")
Weight 62,6 grams (2.1 Oz)
Architects and engineer specifications A 470-870 MHz UHF Antenna splitter/combiner, mainly used to connect one antenna to two different receivers, when antenna space is restricted and/or to reduce the amount of wires inside the equipment rack. The USP-8000 can not only split one incoming signal into two output signals,but can also combine two incoming signals into one output signal. Two different transmitters can be connected to a USP8000 to use only one antenna for both transmitters. The USP8000 is designed with industry standards, so it is compatible with wireless systems of other major brands.