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  • SWP 2
  • SWP 2 RGB
  • SWP 2N RGB

Switch Plate with RGB Halo ring and touch sensitive switch for the CRMF/ARMF single element straight cut microphone series.

Black Nickel

SWP 2 is the second generation of switch plates incorporating the TS004 touch switch with RGB LED and support for ARMF and CRMF range of flush-mount microphones.

  • Cutouts to support ARMF and CRMF flush-mount microphones
  • Switch plate integrated with the low profile TS 004 capacitive touch switch facilitating click / pop free switching of a microphone from DSP.
  • TS 004 is self-calibrating and provides a RGB LED that can produce multi-colour combination for clear precise visual status of microphone or other devices.
  • TS 004 can be programmed via DSP to operate in PTT, PTM or Latching modes.
  • Terminated with RJ45 connector and supplied with a touch switch controller (TS-C1) allows connection via CAT 5E patch cable back to CDT-100 or directly to DSP.
  • Finish: Black Nextel® or Satin Nickel.
  • Also available in Nextel Suede Coating finishes (Custom Orders Only)

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Application Used in conjunction with DSP units and other electronic mute switching boxes to facilitate soft PTT, PTM and Latching Switching.
Power requirements 12V dc @ 70mA
Termination RJ 45 Plug Pins 1-7 used
Supplied Accessories TS-C1
Finish Black Nextel® or Satin Nickel.
Dimensions 92 mm (3.6") x 64 mm (2.5")x 2.60 mm (0.1")
Weight 12g
Architects and engineer specifications Through table microphone mount made from solid brass with electronic touch switch and RGB LED to give clear precise visual status of operation. Touch switch has no moving parts and the electronic circuitry is encapsulated to prevent liquids or other contaminants affecting its operation. Requiring 12v DC power.