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Nothing Cookie Cutter About This

Nothing Cookie Cutter About This

In a world that has been as unpredictable as we have seen in the last four months, we all realize the importance of flexibility. Whether that means flexibility in how we live our lives, how we educate our children, how we interact in public, or how we conduct business on-site and remotely.

What has become very obvious, is the need for solutions that can fit our lives in and out of quarantine. The suggestion that perhaps there will be a need to shelter in place again in the future, should Covid-19 have a second wave in the Fall, makes every business owner realize that a robust “Plan B” has to be in place and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

As part of your business strategy and “Plan B”, ensuring that your home is set up, ready to go and functioning as professionally as it can be is key to putting your best foot forward, even in difficult times. As a “remote warrior” your home office set up should minimize distractions and include proper lighting and quality audio / video equipment.

As more and more companies embrace working remotely as part of their post-Coronavirus corporate culture, the phenomenon of “listener fatigue” (usually reserved for avid music listeners and construction workers) may just be on the rise. However, in considering the unique circumstances our fellow-professionals are facing around the world, we feel it may be fair to redefine this as “Zoombie fatigue”.

Just think of the sheer number of video-conferencers and “Zoombies” around the world as they participate in a variety of daily meetings with participants that have an even wider array of audio and sound equipment and you’ll soon realize that the individual participant’s video and sound quality can certainly contribute to an effective or a plain awful meeting.

Having the right tools, let me rephrase that, having the right prosumer tools, that are easy to customize and integrate into your home office will go a long way in making sure that even when your meeting has to be conducted remotely, the message and the content are clear.

“Zoombie fatigue” Also known as remote-working-audio-video-itus is a phenomenon that occurs after prolonged exposure to too many “zoom-like” meetings with inferior or poor quality equipment such as microphones.

Symptoms include tiredness, irritability, distractedness and rushing-to-end-the-meeting-sooner-than-it-should-end-ness.

Common groups at risk of becoming victim to this phenomenon include professionals directed to shelter in place and work remotely for a long period of time unexpectedly.

When it comes to audio, these tools should include a microphone that offers you elevated audio quality for an improved user and listener experience. This happens when you have professional commercial grade equipment, and when you can control the distance between you and your microphone. This enables you to minimize “room” noise, echo and reverb. For ease of integration, having the ability to connect any microphone of your choice via USB makes the elevation of your audio experience that much easier and incredibly customized to fit your unique needs.

At Clockaudio, we never believe in “cookie-cutter” solutions. We see the value in building products that can be an essential part of your technology eco-system and that can be individually suited for your purposes. Whether that be for your corner office or your remote office, we’ve got you covered in a “clearly different” way.

For more on Clockaudio’s USB integrated microphone options, contact us today.

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