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Be heard from the boardroom to the home office and everywhere in between.

Be heard from the boardroom to the home office and everywhere in between.

When business shifts to a remote format, ensuring that your communications are clear will go a long way in keeping your business up and running. Whether you are a day-trader, yoga instructor, podcaster, gamer, or a business professional trying to conduct business as usual, in unusual times, having proper audio quality when working remotely is critical.

We all know that poor audio quality can cause brain fatigue, and the “zoombies” that have emerged since COVID-19 can attest to the negative impact inferior microphones can have on the ability to communicate effectively. Perhaps even more important than video quality, the audio during a conference call or videoconference session is a deal breaker as most people may not need to “see” you when you’re speaking, but they certainly need to “hear” you.

From the corner office to the home office, microphone needs and applications can vary greatly and will depend upon a few factors such as the environment (the room’s acoustics need to be considered for echo, reverb, inconsistent sound levels, etc.), the way the meeting is being conducted, and the way that the room is being used (is it singular focused or a multi-use, multi-purpose space?).

So, when it comes to microphone design, how can one manufacturer meet the specific requirements for so many different types of occupations and professional applications at one time? Easy. They think clearly differently.

Meet the CUI-2, Clockaudio’s USB Interface and the conduit to making all Clockaudio microphone solutions (and great audio quality) accessible to the remote work force regardless of their work style and professional needs. With the CUI-2, you can now maintain the highest degree of sound integrity while configuring a customized microphone solution, uniquely designed to suit you and your work environment.

So whether you are a gamer killing it in your live stream from your bedroom, a training professional conducting courses on-line with your team from your home office, or a teacher getting students excited about history from your kitchen table, we’ve got just the microphone solution for you.

Easy to install with LED Brightness Control and RBG Color Selection for mute and unmute, this compact, plug and play, tamper resistant device can be mounted under a desk or table with two simple screws.

We know for certain that COVID-19 has changed the way that we live and work. As part of your “remote office” plan make sure you are considering the sound quality of your conference and videoconference calls, podcasts, and streams. Having the right prosumer tools will help keep you, your meeting and your business on track.

For more on the product, visit and as always, if you have any questions, contact our customer service and technical support team.

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