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Infocomm: A Field of Dreams - Our Thoughts from the Show Floor

Infocomm: A Field of Dreams - Our Thoughts from the Show Floor

Every year, no matter how much we plan for the show, inevitably there are always some last-minute arrangements that we need to include as we pack up and head out for the show. For all of us, the show is a much-needed chance to get face time with the representatives, dealers, consultants, clients and manufacturers that we work with every day.

This year we had a few exciting new products, updates and additions to our line-up to talk about with attendees. There was our RGB control devices with their virtually limitless color palette, the Mark 2 version of our popular CDT-100 and the ever popular C303W-D (now available in white).

For our part, we did a good deal of pre-show media with sending out press releases to share the news on our updated products and by placing an ad in the Infocomm Show Daily. But no matter what show you exhibit at, manufacturers tend to go into every show with a “Field of Dreams” mentality and a prevailing philosophy that “if you build it, they will come.”

Field of Dreams, was the 1989 blockbuster starring Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones, Ray Liotta and a team of other actors who played famous deceased baseball players that stepped out of the corn fields to play ball in a baseball diamond on Costner’s Iowa farm. Not unlike the film, every manufacturer who prepares for Infocomm must build the right team, create the right platform, construct the right booth (or field of play), and then engage their own super star line up to hit home runs with attendees. For us, every year we build it, and yes, they come.

This year, the Clockaudio booth had standing room only many times during the show. Completely buzzing with activity and demonstrations and alive with great conversations about projects, challenges and new product ideas. In the world series of AV, Infocomm certainly brings out some great teams.

On the show floor, news always travels fast. Be that a new product intro, a cool booth, funky swag or the companies that are giving out party invites, serving coffee or starting happy hour early. Once the show kicks into high gear, you can just “feel” the energy. Instantly it seems that the attendees in the convention center become a thinking, eating, breathing and curious collective with incredible stamina to make the most of this Pro-AV event.

We’re excited that we had a chance to meet so many of these attendees face-to-face and to see how our new products and even some of our previously launched products were still getting a lot of attention. They say the market will tell you what it wants and what it needs. Spending time on the Infocomm Show floor does the same thing, but it does it inside of three days.

We are always proud to be associated with this show, and we look forward to the next chance we get to show you how we are “clearly different” at Infocomm19 in Orlando. See you then!

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