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The Show Must Go On…Presenting “The Presenter”

The Show Must Go On…Presenting “The Presenter”

According to a recent study, the “Future of Workforce Pulse Report” conducted by Upwork, a popular online freelancing platform, 1 in 4 Americans will be working remotely in 2021. Given the last year and our own experiences, this seems like a lower than reality estimate.

However, the study went on to project that by 2025, over 36 million Americans will have traded their commutation tickets for a permanent home office. This represents an 87% increase in remote work from pre-pandemic levels and sends a clear message that professional, well-equipped home offices are going to be vital to many professionals regardless of their profession.

We all were there, when virtually overnight, remote working went from being a company perk or “luxury” to becoming a necessity. COVID-19 forced companies to conduct “business as usual” from remote offices in employee’s homes around the world.

For many companies, upgrading the remote office’s communication tools became one of the first orders of business, as IT departments scrambled to set up secure VPN’s and login credentials and orders for webcams, laptops and desktop microphones sent manufacturers (also reeling from COVID-19) into over-drive.

The Presenter
Streamlining efficiencies and providing for an almost endless array of possible home office scenarios, Clockaudio introduced its CUI-2 USB Interface last year. This user-friendly interface enabled remote professionals from every walk of life, the chance to customize their microphone solution to suit their unique work environments.

This month, our focus is again on the Remote Warrior and the CUI-2 applications as we consider those professionals that “present” for a living.

The “presenters”, and the teachers that take the stage every day to instruct us and make us think.

In the Brady Bunch of Hollywood Squares, and in Zoom rooms around the world, people show up in boxes as talking heads to share information. When it is your job to lead these rooms, having top-notch audio quality will go a long way to keep the attention of your audience. For great audio quality pick up, while staying out of view of your webcam, the Clockaudio Presenter Kit can really make an impression.

This kit is a stellar choice if you have a mechanical keyboard as you can direct the microphone’s pick-up pattern away from the sound of the keyboard key presses. You can also adjust the position of the microphone shaft so that it is off camera, and doesn’t get in the way of your lesson. In the Clockaudio “Presenter” kit you will find the following:

Clockaudio’s USB Interface
For mono or stereo microphone installations, the plug & play CUI-2 is powered by the USB, with no special drivers needed. There is an optional 12V power input provided. Mount it using the supplied screws & attach to a flat surface, like the underside of a desk or a conference table.
C 1000HOur rugged wideband super-cardioid microphone
CA 30-RFSemi-rigid 300mm shafts fitted with knuckle joint and phantom power adaptor
SM10Very low profile through table microphone shockmount
TS005Capacitive Touch Switch with RGB ring to identify status (includes the TS-C1)

As we look to the future, including investing in our home office experience will be a key element to keeping our communication lines open and business flowing.

For more information about this kit, or for additional ideas on how you can customize microphone solutions for your remote work environment, contact our team at Clockaudio at

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