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When it comes to capturing quality audio… we prove that flexibility counts.

When it comes to capturing quality audio… we prove that flexibility counts.

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is we need to be prepared for the unexpected and being able to embrace a changing work and living environment is just one of the ways we adapt.

When that dining room table turns into your conference room, and the corner of your living room becomes your office, having the right tools to communicate professionally is key. This includes paying attention to the audio quality of the equipment you use as you conduct business with team members across town or around the world.

As companies and business owners continue to invest in building better remote workspaces, the microphones they choose should be considered one of their prime investments. Afterall, you can conduct a conference call without video, but could you do it without proper audio?

Regardless of whether you are a corporate professional trying to crunch numbers to present on-line at the next virtual staff meeting or you are a fitness professional conducting personal training sessions from your home gym, being able to speak and be heard clearly is critical to getting your message across.

With so many different types of remote working environments, having a full line of microphones to choose from is important to meet the needs of these unique spaces. Having a USB interface that can turn any of these microphones into a robust, plug and play solution is exactly what remote warriors everywhere need.

Clockaudio’s new CUI-2, USB Interface offers this kind of flexibility. With the CUI-2, customization is virtually limitless. This USB Interface enables Clockaudio microphone solutions to be custom designed and accessible to the remote work force regardless of the work type, work style and professional needs. Easy to install and even easier to use, the CUI-2 allows you to choose any microphone, any RGB touch switch, and with a simple USB connection, create a flexible solution that works for you.

With the CUI-2, you can now maintain the highest degree of audio quality which enables crystal clear communication and sound integrity while combatting the dreaded audio fatigue that comes with poor sound quality.

So choose the Clockaudio microphone that suits your needs – a gooseneck, a boundary mic, a hanging microphone - or whatever meets your needs, and add on the CUI-2 to enable a simple and quick interface and superior functionality.


This month we would like to showcase an application for people who need to have a quality microphone while they demonstrate or teach several feet away from their monitor screens.

For example, imagine you own a yoga studio and are trying to teach remotely. You need to freely move but also need your instructions clearly communicated and understood while working through poses with your students.

You can achieve this by choosing a hanging microphone such as the C3S-RF-CP and then adding on the CUI-2, USB Interface. Install this near your computer, (under the desk surface is a great place) and connect to the C3S-RF-CP and you are set to deliver a class that keeps every student on their toes.

The C3S-RF-CP is a suspended gooseneck Cardioid Condenser Microphone with short flexible shaft and knuckle joint.

Additional features include:

  • Response optimized for consistent sound quality.
  • Unobtrusive slimline design.
  • Superior grade components.
  • Engineered in high quality brass.
  • Fully flexible gooseneck shaft with knuckle joint.
  • Supplied with Single Gang Plate and CPPW01-RF.
  • Finish: Satin Black or White.

You can find more on the C3S-RF-CP (Hanging microphone) here:

Just remember that when that kitchen counter turns into your science classroom or your spare bedroom turns into your yoga studio, the Clockaudio CUI-2 is ready to meet your needs whenever you need it and where ever you are.

Yes, indeed, at Clockaudio we are happy to say that we are clearly different not to mention clearly quite flexible.

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