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Sound & Communication The Virtues of Communicating Good Sound Quality

Sound & Communication The Virtues of Communicating Good Sound Quality

Location, sound equipment, and environment are all factors that can greatly impact sound quality. Whether talking on a mobile phone, or in a high-end conference room, these conversations must be clear in order to ensure the best exchange between multiple parties.

Yes, we certainly all know how irritating poor sound quality can be when communicating important information, particularly in a business setting. Just think of how much more productive you feel when walking out of a meeting where you understood every word of the conversations that took place. Now, contrast that to walking out of a meeting that was riddled with sound issues because the microphone didn’t work or the video-conferencing equipment was sub-par. It doesn’t take much to imagine how frustrating it can be when you must repeat what you’ve said over and over again because what you’re saying can’t be understood clearly.

When communicating through a cell phone, we can’t control the surrounding environment which may be constantly changing. Many of us just accept dropped calls and poor cell phone sound quality as a tradeoff for the convenience of walking and talking with our mobile devices. Unfortunately, this often means putting up with a good deal of extraneous chatter and other unwanted noises. However, regardless of the convenience, we can all agree that this is not the ideal way to handle conversations when important work matters need discussing.

For meetings and conversations that require a more professional approach, such as those held in boardrooms, conference rooms or other venues, careful planning and collaboration is key. Understanding the room’s dynamic and getting designers, system builders and integrators on the same page can ensure that all the relevant factors are addressed proactively and the most appropriate equipment is selected for the space, This will enable the reproduction of the source sound with the best quality possible while offering outstanding speech intelligibility.

At Clockaudio, we believe that what you say, is important to say clearly. Sound quality is one of the keys to having a successful meeting outcome and we encourage you to challenge your team to ensure that your meeting room audio always sounds “Clearly Different” in the right way.

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