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Creating order and better sound quality in the court.

Creating order and better sound quality in the court.

From the judge and jury box to the counselor table and witness stand, microphones are a key technology that helps drive the courtroom.

When justice is being decided based on evidence presented during a trial, hearing that evidence is critical. The types of microphones and the layout of the microphones also plays an important part as does the ability to mute and unmute a microphone with certainty to the mic’s status (live or off).

When it comes to tackling the acoustic environment of your courtroom with professional audio equipment, several types of Pro AV microphones can be used to address the different locations within a courtroom.

As you approach the Bench
When presiding over the case or providing details as a witness, being able to relay information in a normal speaking voice is possible only with a proper placed microphone.

To address these areas, Clockaudios’ medium length Halo gooseneck, the C33E-SR-HALO-RF, can be installed in a SM80-X5 shock mount and provide a perfect solution.

Bench shows a SM80-X5 base & C33ESR-Halo-RF.

Designed for use in conference halls, broadcasting, and paging systems, this Cardioid Condenser Microphone can also tackle the high court. With a high brightness LED halo the mic gives easy visual indication of the person talking.

To suit every case, Clockaudio’s Halo goosenecks are available in 6 different lengths, and an option for a short gooseneck is also available (see the C301E-HALO).

Other shock mounts can be used and clients can select from the SM80-X5, the SM80S-X5, the SM10-X5, the SM75-X5, the SM95 and the SM70.

Attorney Client Privilege – Addressing the Counselor Table

To ensure privacy during client and attorney discussions and to ensure clarity when vocalizing an objection, a short Halo gooseneck, such as the C32E-SR-HALO-RF can be installed in an SM80-X5 shock mount.

These full flex & semi-rigid Gooseneck Cardioid Microphones are also fitted with a high brightness LED Halo.

Other features include:

  • Response optimized for consistent sound quality.
  • Unobtrusive slimline design.
  • Superior grade components.
  • Engineered in high quality brass.
  • Included Phantom Power Adaptor.
  • Choice of Finishes: Satin Black or also available in Nextel Suede Coating finishes (Custom Orders Only)
Shown above: C32E-SR-HALO-RF with SM80-X5 Shock Mount

Locking It Up
Worth mentioning for some courtroom applications or other installations is the SM10-locking (shown at right) solution.

The SM10-locking is a very low profile, through table microphone shock mount that comes with 3 Pin or 5 Pin XLR input and 3 Pin or 5 Pin Male XLR output.

The mic is compatible with all 3 Pin or 5 Pin XLR equipped Clockaudio Gooseneck Microphones and shares the same barrel diameter as Clockaudio’s C003E-RF, C004E-RF, C011E-RF, C012E-RF, SM20-RF. Choose this solution when a more permanent and “locked-in” microphone solution is desired.

Case Closed
In or out of the courtroom the evidence is clear. Clockaudio has clearly different solutions to ensure that your cases (and your microphones) are always presented in the best light.

Stay tuned for a future feature on the many shock mounts available from Clockaudio! For more on Clockaudio, visit

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