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The Importance of Supporting Roles …and the Oscar Goes to: the TS-C1!

The Importance of Supporting Roles …and the Oscar Goes to: the TS-C1!

A supporting actor is an actor that performs a role in a play or film that has a substantial part in the development of the story and relationship with the lead actor(s). The role is widely recognized in theater and film, so much that the industries give out separate awards for best actors is these supporting roles.

Pivotal to the story these supporting players have a vital function in creating a truly viable story and often are an indelible part of the plot. The casting and inclusion of these parts is crucial. The synergy between leading role and supporting roles must be carefully balanced and they never upstage the starring or main actor. Instead, these roles must function as an integral element that contributes to a film’s overall success or failure.

But supporting roles don’t only happen in the movies. In corporate AV, supporting roles often go to the sales teams that drive product knowledge and solutions in the field, as well as to the technical teams that support the sales rep infrastructure. No, these people don’t own the company, but in many cases, they service your needs like they do. These people are part of the company experience and represent your brand and if you’re lucky, as we are, they enable your company to shine because of their commitment to their craft and to your projects.

Other supporting roles can be found in the very equipment that you specify. Here we shine the spotlight on these accessory products that are key to the seamless operation and integration of your AV systems and in our case, microphone system design. So, this month we’re thanking our supporting cast and crew for making Clockaudio stand out as being “Clearly Different” for our technical expertise, customization and customer focus.

As for supporting product roles, the Oscar goes to the TS-C1 for the role it plays as the “brain” for every Clockaudio capacitive touch switch. Namely the TS003, SWP2 and TS005 and any CRM200S series and CS*S series microphone, with the embedded TS004 RGB touch switch.Visit our product feature section or check out our January 2019 newsletter for more on the supporting role of the TS-C1.

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