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The Time & Place for TIM is Now

The Time & Place for TIM is Now

They say timing is everything and in work as in life, this is often proven to be a very true statement. As a manufacturer, we certainly know the importance of timing. Whether we are planning for a new product launch or gearing up production to meet the demands of a large project, the right timing is key.

As you know, we never do anything at Clockaudio that hasn’t been well thought out. We always want our name to be synonymous with sound quality and product integrity, and sometimes the only way you can insure this is to walk before you run.

Last year, with the formal release of TIM-1000 and our “Have you met TIM” campaign, our excitement about the timing for the product’s release was evident long before it launched. However, once it did, we were thrilled to see that every hope we had for the product was not only realized but exceeded our expectations.

TIM offers integrators an unprecedented ease of use and a simplified, streamlined installation that can save them time, thus saving money. TIM’s near effortless user-friendly set up does not require integrators to program lobes. Let me say that again, TIM does not require you to set up lobes! Once installed, TIM can self-configure in any space. Just turn TIM on and your microphone installation is complete and ready to go. Going a step further, TIM’s APT® (Adaptive Proximity Technology) allows it to keep a consistent sound level for the person speaking, automatically compensating for the distance of a meeting participant from the mic, all while maintaining real time audio capture.

The time and place for incorporating TIM is now and the integrator community is truly excited about the speed at which it can be incorporated into their meeting room design. As a huddle room solution, conference room and videoconferencing solution, TIM is revolutionary. Indeed, the time for TIM is now!

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