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Have It Your Way: Customization Never Scares Us

Have It Your Way: Customization Never Scares Us

When most manufacturers shy away from customization, Clockaudio embraces it, and this month we thought we would share why and how this ability contributes to our long-time success. Every now and then an application will call for a specification of a microphone that is non-existent. This might be a particular place where any standard microphone cannot be mounted to perform adequately, or a specific demand that meets the need for a seemingly extreme solution.

Clockaudio is always receptive to end-users, consultants, designers, or project managers, that come to us with unusual requests and suggestions. Whether it’s a specific color to match the company colors in a boardroom, a specific length of a gooseneck mic, or even redesigning the physical build of a microphone to fit a tight space or requirement, Clockaudio is ready to step up to the challenge.

Our ability to answer specific needs with custom products enables us to address our customer’s requirements at a truly granular level. It also lets us add to and extend our line of microphone solutions.

In essence, every new customized model that we create can become another viable, available solution. Although not always advertised, we are then able to recommend the custom solutions to others when they are faced with a similar need on another project.

Necessity is truly the mother of invention and some designs that started as custom products, became so much in demand that they are now part of our standard inventory.

For example, we received a request from one client that needed a table microphone with a robust, durable construction that could withstand the wear and tear of high traffic areas. So, our designers and product development specialists went to work and created the C012E-RF, affectionately known as our “assault version” of the ever-popular C004E-RF.

Another example where customization for a client evolved into a new line for us, is our distinctive CRM series. From suggestions by end-users, consultants, and designers for a motorized version, we created a dual and tri-element model and a flush-mount that recesses completely into the surface.

Microphones are being integrated into more environments and applications than ever before. In addition, the evolution of microphone technology and design, along with the changing way in which we interact, has pushed us to create products that are even more versatile and adaptable to different environments.

At Clockaudio, we believe there is a solution for every application, and we are ready to collaborate to help design the products that meet and exceed the needs for our clients’ and partners’ projects.

So, if the available 27-inch gooseneck is a little short for your application, we can make them the exact length you need.

If the ceiling is high and requires more than the available 25’ drop on a C3S suspended microphone, we’ve got you covered and we’ll make the cable longer to fit your application.

It is important to add that in addition to modifying its physical attributes, the customization of a microphone can also be at an aesthetic level. Here, we can customize finishes and make the microphones either color match the surroundings or blend into the décor.

Thinking you need a custom color? No problem. Clockaudio uses the unique Nextel finish in Black as a standard finish for many products, but did you know that the Nextel finish palette extends to 31 different colors and shades? What’s more, other finishes such as satin or flat, are available in any of the 1,625 colors on the RAL chart and can be done with a small minimum requirement.

When it comes to custom finishes, just remember that whatever the purpose, we can color your world. Remember, our attention to your details is just another way that makes Clockaudio, Clearly Different!

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