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Some New Year’s Resolutions for 2020

Some New Year’s Resolutions for 2020

Every January we have a perfect reason to set new goals for the year ahead and take stock in what we’ve accomplished and what we plan to do. Personally, many of us take the New Year to pledge to eat better, exercise more, and take that vacation we’ve been meaning to. In business, these goals may be more focused on aligning our efforts and our energies to strengthen existing relationships, create new business opportunities and develop greater brand awareness.

So, this month, we would like to share some of our resolutions with you!

1.More Training Tools – With so many exciting things to talk about with the roll out of TIM-1000 and updates to a number of our other products), the New Year will bring about new videos, installation information, and case studies to demonstrate the simplicity, or rather “timplicity” of our Trackable Intelligent Microphone solution. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel and the technical specification information on the website for TIM to check out the latest tools and resources we have.

2.Growing Our Communication Channels – Like we’ve done in the past, we will continue our monthly newsletters, articles and timely press releases to keep you informed about products, projects, helpful tips and where to find us on the road. We will continue to share this kind of information on our social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and this year we will be enhancing our LinkedIn presence, so be sure to connect with us! Reciprocity is key! Remember, if you’ve got some news to share, be sure to mention and tag us @Clockaudio, so we can comment and repost to help share and support the information you care about most.


According to The American Society of Training and Development, 65% of people are more likely to meet a goal after committing to another person?

So, business owners, write down your goals and be sure to tell at least one other person what you want to do and when you want to do it by and improve your chances of successfully achieving your goals!

3.Continuing to Keep Our Ears Open - Many times the best ideas for new products and updates to existing products comes from the AV professionals we are lucky enough to call our colleagues, clients and friends. Indeed, we are always grateful for the feedback we get from reps, distributors, installers and consultants that work with our products. We plan to continue to leave our ears open to the ideas that you share with us at the shows, on-line and during our calls and various meetings over the course of the year. And of course, if you have anything you want to share, you can always reach us at

* * *

At Clockaudio, we are truly excited about the year 2020 and we know it will be synonymous with having crystal clear clarity about the positive impact our microphone solutions literally, bring to the table (and the ceiling above). We look forward to sharing 12 months of new updates, videos, interesting articles, products, case studies, show news and other information that will keep you in the know, as you go, all throughout the year.

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