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Ceiling Solutions are Looking Up with TIM 1000

Ceiling Solutions are Looking Up with TIM 1000

When it comes to AV functionality and microphone design, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For some, a well-dressed conference table with a microphone neatly installed at each seat complete with its own mute button and status LED is nirvana. For others, seeing anything on the table presents an eyesore and impacts the room’s design.

For those looking for a more minimalistic aesthetic and a fully usable table surface, an ideal solution is putting the microphones overhead in the ceiling. But note, we are not talking about hanging microphones. More and more, today’s high-end designs call for microphones that are virtually “invisible” with capabilities to fully retract in order to maintain an unobstructed ceiling plane.

Now, it is one thing for a ceiling microphone to “disappear” into the ceiling. It is quite another for it to really perform when it does so. To do this properly, the microphone needs to capture sound from the person speaking at relatively the same level at different distances within the room.

Some microphone companies do this by setting up different pattern lobes and tweaking them in order to provide an acceptable level of performance and intelligibility. However, this process can be time-consuming and restricts participants to speaking from one location…their seats.

At Clockaudio, we do things a bit differently or rather TIM does things differently. Our Tracking Intelligent Microphone (TIM-1000) comes as one unit and installs in minutes. It can be either flush mounted on the ceiling or hang on a pole mount. TIM is all about simplicity, so either way you do it, installation is streamlined, quick and easy.

What’s more, unlike most ceiling microphones, TIM will set itself up upon connecting to a PoE enabled network cable without any additional commands given to it. Set it and TIM knows what to do, so there is less chance for user error. As another benefit, with TIM’s ease of installation, you can expect to see labor savings in both time and money across the board.

As your most important meeting “participant”, TIM will scan the room to find any steady state noise and will attenuate it, making the room quieter. As soon as someone speaks, TIM zeroes in on the person speaking and effortlessly tracks them wherever they move within the space to maintain a consistent volume level. Even when someone else starts speaking, TIM can ‘follow’ any other source of speech anywhere in the room as they move around, constantly adjusting their output level for a more even level at the far end.

At the core of TIM, is Clockaudio’s exclusive APT (Adaptive Proximity Tracking) that continuously adjusts the level of the different participants at different distances from the array, and outputs the same level for each talker.

Speaking of output, TIM has one single output, so no need for multiple AEC channels, TIM only needs one. Imagine, one microphone for the whole room, no set-up or adjustments needed. With TIM you can enjoy the convenience of standing or sitting anywhere you want without the need to lean into a microphone to speak, and still have the confidence that you will be heard as loud and as clear as anyone else in the room.

This flexibility makes TIM the perfect solution for huddle rooms where the room layout may be unpredictable or may need to change to accommodate attendees. Working seamlessly whether you’ve got a traditional table and chair set up, a room with a low coffee table and four lounge chairs or a few bean bags on the floor, TIM adapts to today’s changing and evolving environment.

Clockaudio’s TIM is “clearly different” and an entirely new breed of ceiling microphone that be installed “out of sight” while holding performance and flexibility in as high regard as “invisible” design. Truly, microphone ceiling solutions are looking up with TIM!

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