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Mute is not the only function for Clockaudio’s “Buttons”

Mute is not the only function for Clockaudio’s “Buttons”

Why there are virtually limitless possibilities for this non-verbal cue option.

In business settings like boardrooms and conference rooms, visual cues are critical in keeping people informed and focused on important matters. It allows for information to be provided in a glance, and for an easier flow of non-verbal communication. In many ways this can reduce confusion, improve efficiencies, increase productivity, and enhance security.

One visual cue that stands out is the button or touch switch available with many of Clockaudio’s professional microphones. The button, acting as a high/low contact closure, can set in motion an assortment of commands that are only limited by your creativity.

Anyone that has used one (or many) of Clockaudio’s professional microphones can understand the tremendous benefit of having an integrated button with LED to instantaneously mute the microphone. But aside from giving you the opportunity to keep unwanted noise or that nagging cough out of the zoom meeting you are hosting; did you know that these Clockaudio “mute” buttons can be used for virtually any other logic signal you can imagine?

For example, when connected to the room’s control system, Clockaudio’s TS003 Capacitive Touch Switch can be used to trigger the system to raise and lower blinds on a window - all with the touch of a button. If you want to have an effortless way to drop or recoil a projector screen, the touch switch can signal the control system to do that too.

Program the room’s controls to be triggered to use the button to turn the lights on or off or configure it to function as a panic button with a color that signals there may be a concern or possible situation in progress.

With Clockaudio’s RGB LED capability, you have an extra layer of “information” you can provide at the button. By using a system of color codes, you can customize non-verbal commands. In fact, with literally hundreds of color choices, you can easily set different status indicators to mean just about anything.

Over the years, we have learned from integrators many of the ways that our “buttons” have been used to provide information. Here are just a few examples.

One of the US’s top national, political networks (rhymes with box), integrates the TS003 button in the ceiling to trigger the control system to alert occupants upon entering a space. This status signal enables people within the space to easily recognize whether the room is live – keeping people from talking on air when they should be keeping quiet and that goes for both sides of the aisle!

For one of our clients with a top-secret facility, as part of the room’s controls, the TS003 buttons were programmed to indicate the level of security clearance for the information that was being discussed within a room. Simply by assigning a distinct color to each clearance level, the button could relay critical info that provide a system of checks and balances. This allows clients to immediately know that only the right people are receiving the necessary information.

Product Highlight

About Clockaudio’s TS003 Capacitive Touch Switch
Providing multiple colors, the TS003 capacitive touch switch provides clear and precise visual operational status.

With no moving parts, low-profile mounting, and encapsulated electronics, TS003 also provides protection from office contaminants affecting its operation. Comes with modular under desk mount controller. The TS003 is self-calibrating, extremely reliable and provides trouble free use

Terminated with RJ 45 connector and supplied with a touch switch controller (TS-C1) allows connection via CAT 5E patch cable back to CDT-100 or directly to DSP.

Sometimes the status indicators, have less to do with function, performance, and security and more to do with convenience. In this capacity, you can have a button trigger just about anything. Your options are endless.

We have focused much of this blog on Clockaudio’s TS003, but this is not the only “button” that provides options for visual signals and performing simple commands.

Here is a list of other “buttons” that can be used to signal and indicate the status level of your choosing. As with so many products offered by Clockaudio, your choices are customizable and always “clearly different.”

Choose from:

Physical button + Bicolor LED: (Red + Green)

  • S80S-PTT
  • SM80S-PTT / SM80SN-PTT
  • SM80S-X5-PTT / SM80SN-X5-PTT

Capacitive + RGB LED (Red + Green + Blue)

  • SWP-2-RGB / SWP-2N-RGB

Membrane Switch + Red LED

  • S133-RF
  • S135-RF
  • S140-RF
  • S155-RF
  • S157-RF
  • C015E-RF
  • C016E-RF

(Old School) Red (physical) Square Button + LED backlight

  • S120S PTT
  • S120XS PTT
  • S120X5S PTT

The S80S-PTT - Through Table Microphone Mount with Bi-Color LED indicator and Pre-Wired Latching or PTT Switch.

The S133-RF and S135-RF – Desk stand with fully programmable touch pad.

In conclusion, the importance of visual cues in business settings cannot be overstated. Touch switches like the TS003 and others combined with a room’s control system can allow for easy to see communication, an exchange of non-verbal information, improvements in productivity, and increases in overall efficiency.

Whether it's for meetings, presentations, or any other business function, Clockaudio’s “buttons” can provide invaluable tools that ensure everyone is on the same page.

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