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Off the Shelf or Custom, Clockaudio’s Performance is Seamless

Off the Shelf or Custom, Clockaudio’s Performance is Seamless

In the ever-evolving world of professional audio, where precision and innovation intersect, one name resonates as a true pioneer - Clockaudio. For nearly three decades, Clockaudio has mastered the art of crafting microphones that bridge the gap between readily available and customized ingenuity.

It does not matter if you are capturing a single participant, tracking a presenter moving around a room during a presentation, or fitting out the boardroom with microphones that communicate their own status, Clockaudio’s “off-the-shelf” mics easily handle the “everyday” while maintaining the ability to be tailored to meet challenging client needs.

Whether on Capitol Hill capturing important world updates, an ape sanctuary recording the antics of primates, throughout all conference and videoconference rooms for an international bank, or used for a critical military application, our mics are designed for maximum performance while remaining integrator centric for ease of installation.

No matter what the application, we can design a way to accommodate and adapt. So, if you are looking to match a wooden ceiling so that your microphones “disappear,” we can build you a mic that blends in seamlessly, appealing to both your auditory senses and aesthetic sensibilities. If space constraints demand a microphone with a reduced mounting profile, our team can change out the shaft length to fit the designated area for surface installation, providing an effective, efficient installation with top-notch sound quality. Need a microphone exposed to the elements? We can modify the mic’s design to withstand inclement weather conditions by making the microphone more water resistant.

So why don’t more companies provide true customization? Because customization is hard, that is unless you are built for it. Over the years, we have positioned our team to be responsive, adaptive, and creative. We offer a wide variety of capsules, grilles, knuckle-joints, sensors, mounts, and shafts. With this deep base of components, we can meet even the most unusual or difficult project demands. For most manufacturers, pivoting to provide smaller quantities of custom microphones or components is not easy or even possible. However, Clockaudio is positioned to effectively handle runs of 25 just as easily as runs of 1000+ customized solutions. This is part of what makes us unique and of course, clearly different.

Clockaudio: The Integrator's Choice
Clockaudio's ethos reflects a deep-rooted understanding of the professional audio landscape, where versatility and flexibility is key, and the ability to adapt is a competitive advantage. Our commitment to customization is not just a service; it is a philosophy.

With an array of customization options, we have always been proud to be a trusted partner that helps solve tough audio challenges that consultants and integrators face on demanding projects.

We live in a world where sound is art and customization is paramount. As you consider your next project, remember that Clockaudio stands ready, not only to deliver exceptional off-the-shelf microphones but also to sculpt bespoke audio solutions that harmonize with your imagination. Give us a call today to discuss your next project

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