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How to Conduct “Business as Usual” during the Unusual

How to Conduct “Business as Usual” during the Unusual

Let’s face it, with all that is going on, conducting “business as usual” seems to be impossible, but is it?
The coronavirus has handed the world and the world of business a curveball. In many instances, individuals and companies are choosing or mandating remote working and changing in-person meetings and conferences to conference calls, video-chats, or video-conference calls.

For our fellow professionals in ProAV, we believe that this challenging time, is our time to shine. Afterall, weren’t we made for this? Distance learning, telecommunications, unified communications, audio and videoconferencing…these are the technologies that we’ve been sharing and integrating for clients around the world for years. Now, with the added impetus of the recent health crisis, the very systems we’ve put in place, are about to be put to the test.

In addition, companies that perhaps to date have NOT invested in remote work and communication technologies are waking up to realize, that for business continuity, these technologies are a necessity not a luxury. For many forward-thinking companies, COVID-19 has them taking advantage of their existing VPN’s, secure portals, remote access, mobile devices, and cloud-based applications. For other companies, they are just realizing they have some catching up to do.

As part of the audio-visual industry, many of our businesses revolve around the integration of smart, audio and video technologies. We are in the business of building collaborative spaces and sharing information in a variety of ways. Our collective experience designing, building and integrating all these technologies will go a long way to assist clients and businesses around the world get up and running even when they are operating remotely. The technologies that AV professionals bring to life will let business owners conduct much of their day to day business simply by utilizing the equipment and tools that they already have & that will allow them to be seen and heard, virtually, anywhere they need to be.

For our part at Clockaudio, we are kicking TIM-1000 demonstrations into high gear. These remote sessions can be done by audio or video conference and can take clients through the features and benefits of our Trackable Intelligent Microphone solution.

When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade. COVID-19 is certainly creating a number of difficulties, but it doesn’t have to stop your business in its track. This too shall pass, and when it does, the business seeds that you sow now, will be in the pipeline for your future.

So, remember, our Demonstration Room is open! If you haven’t already, we encourage you to try our interactive, virtual demonstration, so that we can keep the conversation going on upcoming projects and specific challenges your clients are facing in AV design. Demonstrations can be done in as little as 15 minutes or can take as long as you like to ensure that we answer all your questions, whether about TIM-1000 or any of our other innovative solutions.

When you can’t meet in person, videoconferencing is the next best thing to being there. It is a great tool to gauge body language, facial expressions and the genuine level of interest in a product or solution. In addition, providing product demonstrations in this way can also minimize the need for travel, cut down on travel expenses and reduce our carbon footprint.

At Clockaudio, we want to do whatever we can to be clearly different and in doing so, help you conduct business as usual, during this most unusual time.

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