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Canadian Space Agency Upgrades its Technology with Clockaudio Microphones

Clockaudio, a global leader in pro-av microphone technologies based in the UK and with offices in North America and Asia is proud to announce the completion of an installation for the Canadian Space Agency that was designed and engineered by Lacroix Visuel.

The installation included Clockaudio microphones that were specified to meet the needs in a variety of key spaces for the Agency such as the facility’s Executive Boardroom, Satellite Operation Room, Space Science Boardroom and Space Technologies Boardroom.

Marc Lacroix, president of Lacroix Visuel comments, “As a whole, the Canadian Space Agency is a heavy user of video and audio conferencing equipment and in its boardrooms and operation rooms. They see the value in having the best possible quality in video and audio.” He adds, “Having good mics at the proper location and good sound reproduction and acoustics enables every meeting to become a fully transparent experience without experiencing any issues due to poor sound quality.”

Several Clockaudio produts are used In multiple rooms throughout the facility, including the CS Series boundary layer microphones in meeting rooms, the C3SEW-RF hanging microphones used in the training rooms, and also the C012E-RF through table cardioid boundary layer microphones. Robert Moreau, Managing Director for Clockaudio North America notes, “The Agency is so pleased with the functionality of the C012E-RF microphones, they have become a standard for the executive, satellite operation and science boardrooms.” He goes on, “Our C012E-RF have been installed with a CH-32 touch switch with bi-colored status lights that are programmed by a Crestron control system to signal when the system is on or off.” Gregory Viger, the Canadian Space Agency’s technology specialist says, “This type of visual cue is really important to our team and visually identifies the microphone status giving our participants a sense of security about the privacy level of their conversations.”

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