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Clockaudio Gives a Healthy Dose of Technology at Molloy College’s Center for Nursing

Clockaudio, a global leader in pro-av microphone technologies based in the UK and with offices in North America and Asia is proud to announce the completion of an installation for the Molloy College Barbara H. Hagan Center for Nursing that was engineered and designed by Advance Sound Company of Farmingdale, New York.

Molloy College is a well-respected, private, Long Island, New York college that provides a value-centered, multi-dimensional liberal arts education. With approximately 4,500 undergraduate and graduate students the college’s growth meant an increased demand for new teaching and learning spaces. Among the latest projects funded were several new updates and construction initiatives including the nursing center project. This state-of-the-art academic building is set on Molloy’s Rockville Centre campus and provides consolidated space for the school’s nursing division, along with additional classroom and meeting areas. Intended to be a high tech facility, the audio visual technology was considered an important part of the overall design and function for the center with a goal that it would enhance the learning experience.

Leading the audio visual team for the project was the Advance Sound Company who best understood, addressed and integrated into the design Clockaudio technologies. Thomas DePace, Engineering Manager for Advance Sound Company said, “This project was intended to be a high tech facility, and the audio visual technology we considered was an important part of the overall design and function for the center with a goal that it would enhance the learning experience.” From past experience DePace says that they knew Clockaudio would be integral to the project because as he shared, “the company is driven to meet the needs of the integrator and installation market and is always responsive.”

Among the products specified as part of the A/V scope and key to the Nursing Center’s classrooms, lecture centers and conference rooms were Clockaudio’s C012E-RF through table cardioid boundary layer microphone with RF friendly technology that offered immunity from GSM (cell phones) and other sources of frequency interference.

At the base of the C012E-RF is a CH32 touch switch, status indication ring that enables both professors and students to instantly identify those that are speaking. Also integrated into this project were Clockaudio’s C007 microphones which were installed in the ceiling of some of the client’s multi-function spaces to accommodate the ever-changing layout of these rooms.

Robert Moreau, Managing Director for Clockaudio North America comments on the project, “Learning happens when there is a clear ability for the professor and students to communicate. To do this, it is critical that within the classroom, the speaker’s voice is clearly picked up and the audio is distributed evenly throughout the classroom.” With the Clockaudio technologies employed on this campus, the Barbara H. Hagan Nursing Center is clearly in a healthy position for success.

The Center was slated for opening for the January 2016 session.

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