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Clockaudio Launches Retractable, Motorized Ceiling Tri-Element Array Hanging Microphone

Waterlooville, Hampshire, United Kingdom – Clockaudio, a global leader in pro-av microphone technologies based in the UK and with offices in North America and Asia, is proud to introduce a new combination product, the CCRM4000-C303W-RF Retractable, Motorized Ceiling Tri-Element Hanging microphone array. Designed for audio or video conferencing, the new product offers consultants, integrators and designers a new option when specifying hanging microphones that need to be completely retractable.

The CCRM4000-C303W-RF is optimized for speech intelligibility and features the same three high quality Cardioid capsules that cover a 360 degree pick up pattern, with each independent capsule being RF immune and capturing approximately 120 degrees. It is easy to install, and also compatible with all popular DSP units. For applications where table microphones are not an option, the C303W-RF offers a great alternative to bring the microphone capsules closer to the participant, with a minimal foot print in the conference room.

Designed for use in boardrooms, conferencing and a wide variety of applications, the CCRM4000 – C303W-RF offers a great alternative to installations where the microphone equipment needs to be able to “disappear” from sight. The retractable unit enables the microphone to completely withdraw back into the ceiling when not in use, leaving the room aesthetically pleasing and ready for other functions.

This product helps clients to keep surfaces free from obstruction, leaves a smaller footprint on the overall design, enables additional flexibility for reconfiguration within the room without sacrificing sound quality and provides an even more streamlined approach to the any room’s audio technology. The unit comes virtually pre-assembled and allows you to bring the microphone closer to the participant, which contributes in getting more direct sound and less of the room. Jim Hallington, Managing Director for Clockaudio Ltd says about the product, “As microphone specialists, we are always looking at new product development and expansion that meet the needs of our clients and specifiers. We are excited to add the retractable capabilities to our C303W-RF Tri-Element Array Hanging Microphone. It further rounds out our product line and fills a niche while providing an excellent design alternative that seamlessly integrates into your meeting space.”

The CCRM-4000 – C303W-RF master units ship complete with a ceiling mounted IR sensor, remote control, C303W-RF Tri-Element Microphone, ceiling bezel with locking ring, 18VDC power supply unit, ceiling tile mounting bracket and safety cable. Slave units are also available.

Full technical specification documents will be available in the products section of the Clockaudio website. The product will be ready for shipping later in March 2016 and will be on display in Clockaudio’s booth at InfoComm16 in Las Vegas, Nevada, June 8 – 10, 2016.

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