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Historical Reference: Corporate Background

Since its formation in 1994, the British company Clockaudio has acquired a reputation for quality and excellence of both products and customer service in the international field of professional audio and AV. Founder, Jim Hallington spent 12 years as managing director of AKG in the UK - with responsibility also for the Turbosound, Amek, BSS and Precision Devices brands – before setting up Clockaudio with the original intention of being an OEM manufacturer.

Today the company also has its own established product range of Clockaudio-branded products, primarily specializing in microphone technology, wired and wireless. Product runs can be in the thousands, or as low as 25 pieces, or unusually, just one.

The ability to customize is one of the key factors which makes the Clockaudio brand so clearly different in a world of identical manufacturers. Clockaudio’s in-house research and development facility allows clients to explore customized prototypes and develop incredibly specific briefs in partnership directly with the manufacturer, often working very short deadlines and in low volumes. This partnership approach has struck a cord with consultants and contractors alike, giving them the opportunity to become involved in developing the ideal solution rather than having to make due with the most suitable off-the-shelf item.

Thanks to a global distribution network, Clockaudio’s growth has necessitated a move to larger premises, giving it much needed room for increased manufacture and warehousing. Maunfacturing director, Jim Hallington, states “We’re currently one of the few UK-based manufacturers and while we’re not cheap, we intend to stay true to our principles of quality, flexibility and service rather than get involved in price wars. Driving prices down can only have a negative effect on the quality of the service offered, which in the consulting, installation and specifier market is the single most important factor.”

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