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Clockaudio Promotes Simon LeDuc to Product & Technology Manager

June 12, 2017 – Montreal, Canada - Clockaudio NA, the Canadian based division of Clockaudio Ltd, a global leader in pro-av microphone technologies based in the UK and with offices in North America and Asia, is proud to officially announce the promotion of Simon LeDuc to the role of Product & Technology Manager, a role he has been filling since early 2016.

Simon LeDuc’s career with Clockaudio and microphone technologies is firmly rooted in a solid background of music, studio recording, live sound, video production, IT, software and video game development. Joining the company in 2012, as a product specialist for tech support, LeDuc quickly immersed himself in the company’s products, applications and the intricacies of the pro-AV market.

LeDuc has always been driven by a passion for process and a desire to improve performance and productivity. In this pursuit, he set his sights on working on new prototypes with the company’s product technology & development divisions, long before he was officially promoted to the title of Product & Technology Manager.

Using his experience in the software development industry, LeDuc has integrated Agile management techniques and a Kanban board into the team’s workflow to stimulate creativity and streamline project development. He states, “The Kanban board is utilized as a way of self-management and as a way of tracking ideas, information and project status.” He adds, “It enables the team to maximize down time and move ideas from conception to reality.” Product development is an on-going process and LeDuc says, “You can really be an innovative and progressive leader when you continually move projects from ideas to completion. Having a bonafide platform that streamlines the processes for doing this is very rewarding both personally and professionally.”

Speaking about Clockaudio’s commitment to product development, LeDuc shares, “We feel our job is to identify and establish what the client needs through their feedback and then build the products and solutions that take these ideas even further into the future.” For this, a good deal of client interaction is necessary and LeDuc embraces the chance to speak to his AV counterparts about their projects and challenges.

Having worked with consultants, distributors, integrators and representatives for the last 4 years as product specialist in the Clockaudio tech support department, LeDuc is no stranger to the research and development that goes into the engineering of every new product or updated technology that Clockaudio brings to market.

About LeDuc’s promotion, Clockaudio’s NA Managing Director, Robert Moreau, shares, “Simon is very passionate about helping our customers and is always searching for the best solution for them. He was certainly a perfect fit for Clockaudio because we are first and for most a solution driven company. His unique blend of expertise in audio, video and IT, has been a great asset for us with our work with Dante, and our continuing push for new solutions for the AV/IT integration world.”

When asked about the future of microphone technologies and the new generation of professionals that are filling the market, LeDuc responds, “We are seeing that more and more of the projects are being driven by IT directors and other professionals and this brings about a number of opportunities.” For starters, he says, “We have the unique ability to help a new industry – the IT industry – better understand the mechanics and nuances of AV systems and their integration into the IT world. It is another great way that we can help support our clients and provide resources and support to our colleagues in this channel.”

To help with this integration going forward LeDuc believes that manufacturers will need to have better manuals, more comprehensive technical documents both on-line and shipped with products, and that videos will continue to be a critical component in the training and instruction needed as the AV/IT integration continues.

“We try to help people as much as possible. In addition to the quality of our products and our ability to truly customize solutions, we find that professionals also choose to work with Clockaudio not only for the quality of services that we provide, but for our accessibility, patience, and ability to educate and train people on our technologies.”

For certain, Clockaudio will continue to be the leader in their field with dedicated professionals such as LeDuc on board. To learn more, please visit or email Clockaudio at or to reach Simon LeDuc, email him at

You can read the entire article here.

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