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Clockaudio Brings to Market their New RGB Control Devices

May 31, 2018 – Waterlooville, Hampshire, United Kingdom – Clockaudio Ltd., a global leader in pro-AV microphone technologies based in the UK and with offices in North America and Asia, is proud to introduce their new RGB control devices. This device will replace the TS001 and will be available under the new model TS003. In addition, the CH32 will also be upgraded to RGB and now become the TS005.

All of Clockaudio’s integrated touch switches in microphone models such as the Consultant Series CS*S-RF series and the CRM 20*S-RF series, that previously housed the TS002, will now be fitted with the TS004 RGB touch switch.

In addition, all Clockaudio control devices being upgraded with the color Blue, will now offer the possibility for 8 statuses, right out of the box. Colors will include: Off Blue, Red, Green, Blue & Red, Blue & Green, Red & Green, and White (all on). Essentially, with PWM driver circuitry, these upgrades will enable integrators and savvy end users to be able to adjust the brightness of each LED (Red, Green, Blue) by 1/256th increments, making it possible to create any color in the spectrum.

Robert Moreau, Managing Director for Clockaudio North America comments, “Today’s workforce, particularly Millennials, are inspired and driven by new technologies and the opportunity for customization.”

Additional features allow the touch switch to be able to be programmed with different “modes”, like a GUI page, and easily identified with the use of different colors. The options are virtually endless and can enable the CEO of tomorrow to request that the control devices be programmed to the company’s corporate colors instead of the standard “Red for Muted” and “Green for On”.

As for integrators, Moreau adds, “With the right planning and programming, an installation utilizing these new devices can make the user experience that much more intuitive and pleasant.”

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