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Can Microphones Actually Disappear?

Can Microphones Actually Disappear?

This month, we would like to show you how microphones can be hidden…in plain sight.

Many businesses nowadays are stressing the need to keep their boardroom tables clean, free and clear of obstacles, and while boundary microphones are small, in some cases they still may ‘get in the way’.

A simple solution to help make microphones less obtrusive is to blend them in with the environment. Many mics can be designed in custom colors which can divert them from the human eye by camouflaging them with décor of the room. Previously, gooseneck microphones were the go-to solution as they could be removed at the end of a meeting, leaving the table free of everything, but the very low-profile shock mounts. While goosenecks seem to work, some end users simply do not have the time or resources to prep the room before a meeting, especially when an emergency meeting is called for and the room must be ready to use at a moment’s notice.

When this issue was brought to our attention, clearly, Clockaudio listened.

The question arose: ‘What if microphones could suddenly appear, as if out of nowhere’? While the idea was unheard of, Clockaudio was up for the challenge. That is when the CRM Retracta line of microphones "popped up" or rather...were designed.

Initially Clockaudio designed a small, single element microphone that literally rose up out of the table when needed, and then pushed back down after use. Soon thereafter, the idea of two elements embodied in the same housing was suggested. These dual element, retracting microphones would be recessed in the middle of the table, leaving extra space for the participants and also reducing labor time by speeding up the installation. Once again, Clockaudio was up for the challenge, and the CRM202/203-RF was the ideal solution for this particular type of application.

The evolution of the CRM series was inevitable. Shortly after the launch of the CRM202 and CRM203-RF someone asked, “Can I activate them all by the touch of a button?” Clockaudio delivered, and it was then that the CRM become automated, and the birth of the motorized CRM microphones, the ARM100 series, took place. With this new automation, the microphones automatically rose out of the table as the system was turned on, and soon thereafter, the dual element model received the same upgrade and became the ARM202-RF.

Although these specific microphone models have the ability to “disappear” into the table, some end users might still find that any microphones on their table would be in the way. In response to the “no microphones on the table” requirement, suspended microphones became the solution.

However, for certain applications such as a multi-usage rooms, microphones hanging from the ceiling were simply in the way. That’s when the question arose: “What if the microphones could retract up into the ceiling?” The answer was clearly within Clockaudio’s expertise, and the CCRM-4000 ceiling retractable microphone was launched. This model microphone could hide completely out of sight after use by retracting back up into the ceiling, and with the launch of the CCRM-4000 came suggestions for it’s use in different applications.

With the growing popularity of the Clockaudio C303, tri-element hanging mic, some users thought it would be a good upgrade for the CCRM, and so Clockaudio went to work. The model now comes with either a single element microphone or tri-element array, in both Black or White, on a regular tile bridge or plenum rated enclosure (for North America)

The Retracta series microphones have proven to be a popular solution for their appearance, (or lack thereof), as they have the ability to ‘disappear’, leaving the room ready for other functions, and that will always make your meetings “clearly different”.

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