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It's a Colorful World

It's a Colorful World

In the last decade, we've seen major changes in the interaction between technology and its users. Touch panels, motion sensors and automation have made their way into just about every type of environment. Today, more than ever before, the focus is on enhancing the user experience, in an effort to create more streamlined, productive, and pleasing work environments.

One of the most popular experiences in today's technology is the use of color to indicate a variety of status levels, warnings or other notifications on everyday devices and interfaces. Take for example, the dashboard in your car. The changing colors are used to signal you and quickly make you aware of certain information such as your tire pressure, your gas gauge or another mechanical issue that might need attention. These colors are meant to alert you, versus the other colors that might be used to simply illuminate the information on the dashboard.

This colorful, easy-to-identify method of signaling information, has now entered our boardrooms and conference spaces, making A/V system operations uncomplicated and tremendously intuitive.

We are now seeing control panels with different color GUI pages for accessing and monitoring different parts of systems. For example, we often see that:

  • the blue page is for video/display control
  • the red page is for video-conferencing
  • the green is for shades and lighting, etc.

At a boardroom table, a board member or other professional, may want a third color option on their mute button to notify them of an incoming call. They might also want a different color to let an active participant know that the video conference camera is zoomed in on them so that they are aware (and not looking down at their notes instead of the camera).

These are just a few examples that show how with the right application and proper programming, the use of color coded statuses can truly improve the customer’s user experience.

At Clockaudio, we are committed to engineering products that make the best use of technology and that are scalable for the future. It's just another aspect of our corporate culture and our products that makes us Clearly Different!

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